What is better than word of mouth

What is better than word of mouth

It’s free and its irrefutable evidence you are great, so why not spread it yourself?

How do I do that, I hear you say? Simples – Reviews and testimonials are not just the preserve of the movie industry. ?in fact many businesses subtlety use such things as visitors books to gather remarks abut how often are they publicised, rarely is the sad answer and if judgement comes at all it will come as a complaint or a silent vote of no confidence in the form of no return visit, so give yourself a shout out!

Make no mistake, a good review or testimonial is powerful, very powerful. In amongst the noise of a busy world we all want to know that a decision we have taken is a right one. We use many antennae to judge this from reputation to advertising but nothing is as powerful as being told by someone else that something is great.  We all seek this confirmation that our decision to buy or visit is the right one – so why not offer it yourself – anticipate and publicly display position statements about your business.

Truly great business work with a 3 step goal in mind –

Step 1                    Get their potential audience to know them.

Step 2                   Get that potential audience to like them.

Step 3                    Finally to gain their trust

If you can grab a few complimentary remarks from existing customers by way of a comments book or asking them directly and displaying them somewhere visible to passing traffic you will go along way to do leapfrogging steps 1 and 2 and give yourself a massive head start over your competition by helping them to trust you!

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