Totnes Perfumery – testimonial


We watched over a steadily declining clothes shop for a few years until we found a big market niche in our area and this perfume niche was one we loved but we didn’t know where to turn to in order to make our ambitions a reality.

Dave not only helped us name and brand our new baby, giving it a real face; but followed up by designing and installing a beautiful shop. We are pleased to say we still stay in touch even though it’s over two years down the line. Store Guru are still there to help and support us, however small the need.


In fact they played a major part in getting some of the major brands into our shop such as Dior, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs by putting together a presentation that helped us emphasise the professionalism of Totnes Perfumery.

Alan & Keely Carter – Propietors