The Union St. Food Market Leicester University РTestimonial

Jason Snowdon

I engaged Store Guru to work with me on developing a new food/retail outlet (the Union St. Food Market) within the Students’ Union building. Whilst I had ideas on what the new food offer should be and a general direction of travel in terms of layout and design, what I lacked was the resources to turn those ideas into reality. Store Guru provided me with that resource and they did so to my full satisfaction. I had a bold vision for the space and Store Guru were equally bold in delivering the required outcomes. In summary the perfect design and management partner.


From my initial meetings with Kate and Dave it was clear that they were hungry for the business and that they would do everything required to make it happen. I found them both extremely pleasant to work with, responsive to my needs and if they did not immediately have the answer to a request or idea, they took it upon themselves to do the necessary research and come up with a workable solution. I felt my business was always important to them and with it the attention and focus of the entire Store Guru team.


Their shop fit team were also equally great to work with. They never made me feel like I was intruding and always gave me the time I needed to understand where we were and what was being completed. They adopted any last minute changes with enthusiasm and came up with last minute build solutions when required.


In summary, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to you. I have no doubt you would also find them a pleasure to work with and that they would provide you with an equally great design and build resource.