Stand up to Big Businesses with Excellent Branding

Stand up to Big Businesses with Excellent Branding

With their recent aggressive expansion into the ‘Express’-size store, the big supermarket chains are bringing their low-overhead model to smaller retail outlets across the country. Small retailers are feeling the pressure.

On first impressions, this seems like a fight no one can win, but at Store Guru we beg to differ.

Smaller Can Be Better

Smaller businesses like yours have everything to gain from the changing market. A new Tesco Metro or Sainsbury’s Express in your area might seem like the death knell for a small struggling business, but the fact is it can be a unique opportunity.

New shops, especially large chain, highly recognisable brands will bring increased footfall to the area and a huge increase in passing trade. The trick is to work out how to take advantage.

Unlike smaller businesses, large companies simply cannot re-brand and re-vamp their stores without a huge amount of fuss, but small businesses don’t have this problem. You can perform a top-to-toe makeover of your retail premises in a very short amount of time, and at relatively modest expense.

The Benefits of Having a Unique Brand for Your Business

The long-term benefits of having a unique brand and style can place you front-and-centre in people’s minds every time they pass your shop. Before long, they won’t be passing by, they’ll be calling in to see what the stylish and trendy ‘new’ outlet has to offer.

A good brand translates into a feeling that people have about your business and your premises. It can inspire loyalty if you set the right tone. It helps to give people that feeling of being somewhere special and unique that the big brands will never, ever be able to compete with.

The ‘On-Brand’ Shopping Experience

The totally ‘on-brand’ shop has a stylish and recognisable logo or sign, a thematically consistent window display, and an in-store experience that makes customers feel like all their needs have been anticipated and accounted for.

The ‘on-brand’ store will attract the right kind of person into your shop, and make them curious to find out what else you have in stock.

Easier Said Than Done?

You may be reading this thinking, “Great, but how do I actually do it?”. Well, some people have a natural gift for design, and perhaps you are one of them. However, even the most gifted designers regularly find themselves turning to other design professionals when crafting a complete brand.

At Store Guru, we can offer you the complete package. If it’s a bespoke package you need, incorporating your own design ideas, that’s fine. If you have no idea where to start, we can guide you through the process of designing a brand that is right for you.

Bear in mind that the right brand for you should be an extension of your own character as a retailer. It’s your expertise and retail skills that should be on display in your brand, and so we work very closely with you at every stage of the process to produce something that is authentic, and tailored to your personal style.

A shop you love is a shop your customers will love coming back to!

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