Shop Heating and Air Conditioning

Keep your customers comfortable and they will browse for longer

How often do we see this area of shop design and fitting under-invested in? Too much is the honest answer and its easy to see why. With a limited budget is so easy to spend money on what you see as essentials to your ‘sales machine’ however a customers comfort must be key to not just making them feel relaxed and in the mood for buying, but to keep them with you longer.

Shopping is a labour for a lot of people, and those who more often than not control the purse will wilt quickly if you do not keep your sales area comfortable… whether that’s heating in winter or air conditioning in summer. Try to make sure that you not only budget it in, but design it in to your property from day one, it will pay you back in spades, if nothing else it keeps you and your staff happy which must be crucial to delivering great customer service.

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