Pavement Presence Matters

Pavement Presence Matters

Do you know just what proportion of your buying customers happen to be passing your door against those who have decided to visit you before they left home?

It’s unlikely you will know, but hidden in here is the secret to increasing your sales! Because you see, if you can mentally divide these potential buyers into two categories:

• Impulsives – Those shoppers that happen to be passing
• Must haves – Those people that have decided they want something before they leave home.

Then you can start to increase your pavement presences that will in turn deliver customers over your threshold. The more dependent you are on impulsives the more your pavement presence will help stimulate your business.

It won’t take much of your brain power to work out your dependence on one or the other – clearly the coffee shop and fashion outlets will have to work hard to win the impulsives but a hardware store or stationery shop will almost certainly rely on purchases made by must haves. Staplers and cordless drills are not impulsive purchases.

Ironically it was just these shops that worked hard traditionally to attract shoppers via their hearty displays of mops and buckets but make no mistake if you want to increase your footfall in this age of mass and dynamic marketing you will need to flex your visual muscles and boost your pavement presence to the max.

And by ‘Pavement Presence’ we don’t just mean trying to get an ‘A’ board outside, try reviewing everything you have available to you. It might be clearer, brighter signage, some flags, bunting, a leaflet dispenser, something that moves in our window, a tempting smell, some more dynamic lighting. Stand back from your business and look and see what you can do, ask friends and better still ask customers and see what they say, you might be surprised what you can do for little money to get those impulsives over your welcome mat.

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