Help Your Customers to Love Your Shop

Help Your Customers to Love Your Shop

When was the last time you were in a shop that you simply loved being in? We can all think of examples of shops that we have thoroughly enjoyed being in. Perhaps it was the local sweet-shop when you were young, with old-fashioned (and, therefore, well-made!) shelving lined with bottle upon bottle of tasty treats and sticky sweeties.

Perhaps it was an antique shop, with hundreds of nooks and crannies crammed with several centuries’ worth of trinkets, gadgets and curiosities.

People Are Drawn to Well Designed Stores

In a way, shops like these are making something of a comeback, thanks to a style and design revolution in the last few years. Gordon Ramsay has shown us how virtually any basically functioning restaurant with a willing staff can be transformed from a failing enterprise serving lackluster food into a buzzing hub in a matter of weeks.

We’ve all seen our local pub go from somewhere that had nothing going for it but live football and flat beer turn into a gastro-pub with guest ales and fine scotches and a whole new clientele.

What’s the Secret?

Clearly, there are a number of factors involved. Knowing your area, your competition and your market are key. But the beating heart of every re-vamp is the re-design of the interior space itself.

It may surprise you to discover that not all of it is just the creative talent of a great designer, or a ‘do-it-yourself-er’ getting lucky. In fact, a fairly large chunk of the design process has now been formalised following years of research into the psychology of consumers.

Put simply, there are some tricks to this trade!

A good shop re-fitting can revolutionise your turnover and the whole atmosphere of your shop. Depending on what your stock in trade is, there are probably several design changes you can implement that will improve your customers’ experience.

Whether they are subtle and modest changes or complete top-to-toe makeovers, at Store Guru, we can help.

Always Think of Your Customer

You want a shop in which people are happy to linger while they see what you have, but equally a place where customers can find what they came for easily. Consider the customer, and let them know you’ve got them in mind through the design and layout of your shop, and they’ll keep coming back.

Perhaps the quintessential customer-focussed shop design in the entire world is the Apple Store. If you’re stuck for ideas or inspiration, perhaps a visit there will give you something to think about.

You’ll find quality craftsmanship on all fixtures and fittings, excellent lighting, well-spaced displays and attentive staff. Apple let their merchandise sell itself by giving people a space to see it and interact with it. Apple pay attention to the customer experience from the moment of walking into the shop, all the way to the opening of the package when they get back home.

It’s not a mystery.

At Store Guru, we have the knowledge and experience to bring cutting-edge design to your retail premises, and we love doing it. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

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