Getting Clicks to your Brick’s

Getting Clicks to your Brick’s

Just because you may not have the scale of M&S, Costa or Prêt doesn’t mean you cannot claim to be a multi- channel retailer.

We know for a lot of retailers, the words, omni-channel click and collect, mobile ecommerce and online strike fear into the hearts or at the best ‘oh I’ve got enough to do already’ but clicks can really bring customers to your bricks.

You don’t have to have a whizz bang online strategy and website to start to boost your takings, with more of the developed world on social media than off it, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the rest definitely offer you near free access direct to your audience.

The beauty of social media now is that so many people are now familiar with it, you can become a good amateur user quickly with a little help from friends and family. Once you feel comfortable just navigating through these S.M. channels nothing is stopping you from linking up with highly relevant people to your business.

You see the reason it is so powerful is because people give away so much information about themselves that you can target them by almost any characteristic you care to mention from age to interest and from place to musical loves.

So go steady and get used to your new found world and within weeks you will be feeling you can take this further. And yes there is a lot further you can go because with S.M. you can advertise promotions, offers, events and new products direct to your audience.

With great content your audience will share you with other friends and with so much information about people you can guarantee that when you feel ready to spend money on boosting your online advertising you can guarantee it will hit the spot rather than the scatter gun approach of the ‘old’ media.

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