Are you shining the light on your business?

Are you shining the light on your business?

Much feared for its rumoured expense, lighting plays a hugely important role in enhancing your products and your business. Find out why here.

We have some great news for you, it is not rocket science to get great lighting and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money in 80% of cases you have probably got the basis for good lighting. It just needs re-bulbing, redirecting or maybe adding to.

But why is it so important to us retailers? Well on the whole we don’t design, manufacture or improve a product, our only job is to buy a wholesale product and sell it on with some margin to earn us a living.  This fact makes it crucial to add value to our products so we earn that margin. There are many variables we have in our armoury from customer service to location and from position in the shop to how it’s displayed. Lighting is simply one of these variables, and one that comes towards the top of the list – but why?


Well for 2 main reasons:

  1. With so much information and distracting in our lives we need to be attracted to something and we are all a bit like moths, we are attracted to light, whether it is the sun for its warmth or because it beckons us in a direction into a particular object or place. Thus it can help you to guide people to particular areas and products and place emphasis on them.
  1. Good lighting has a direct impact on a product itself, you just have to take a look at a jewellers window to see that glint and the value added that lighting can give to the most ordinary of products. The better you make it look, the more tempting it becomes, and the more margin you can add.

So yes as a new business or one that is going for a major refit you may want to pay more attention to what you install, good planning will save you money long-term, or more than likely you are an existing shop, café or restaurant that just needs to look upwards and see what you can do to enhance what you already have – simples.

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