Are you being seen?

Are you being seen?

We all want more customers don’t we? And I bet you are always rattling your brain as to how you are going to get them. Shall I, shan’t I get a loyalty card together, start a promotion, book an advert or even more daring get to grips with social media, but why look further than your own property?

In the same way that any online business sees its home page as prime real estate so too is your property. In the case of the online operation, it has to pay to get traffic to it otherwise it’s like a leaflet left in a box – redundant. You have a great asset that is visible so use it and abuse it. Your shop front is your prime real estate, okay so there are many other ways you can tempt an audience to you but without a doubt your property and its costs are your biggest liability and your biggest asset.

In an age of mass, sophisticated and attractive marketing you need to shout loudly – use your shop front as your loud haler, your flag, and your P.A. system.

When we work with our customers we see their frontage as a giant magnet and it helps us to visualise what more we can do to attract traffic to them.

So before you tackle that dreaded Facebook page, tweet your next promotion or worst still book a newspaper ad, be brave, see what you can do on your own turf to shout louder.

You’ll be surprised what weapons you have at your disposal, it won’t just be one thing, it might be several, from a moving display in the window to some balloons outside, just ask friends and customers they will soon tell you.

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